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I would like to request copies of the following documents related Airport Contract Security Guard Services At Oakland International Airport (Resolution No. 15-036):

  • Current contract and all contract amendments
  • A copy of the winning proposal
  • A copy of any bid tabulations
  • A copy of all evaluation documentation, to include all evaluators' notes
  • A copy of all commission/board/council meeting minutes related to the contract

In keeping with our environmental policy, I respectfully request that all documents are provided electronically. If there is anything I can do to assist in clarifying or expediting this request, please let me know and thank you very much in advance for your assistance in gathering these records.





May 29, 2019 via web


June 28, 2019


Aviation, Purchasing


Jose Castrillo





Point of Contact

Eugene Park

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06/28/2019 (was 06/10/2019).
June 3, 2019, 12:10pm
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Dear Mr. Castrillo:


Thank you for the recent call.  Per our discussion, we understand that you are requesting these documents as they pertain to the recent RFP (18/19-20) and not to the 2015 RFP.


The contract and Board meeting materials do not yet exist, but will likely be available after the Board meeting during which the contract is awarded.


The bidding materials (winning proposal, bid tabulations, and evaluation documentation) do exist, but cannot be released until after the Board award in order to preserve our competitive process.


The recommendation for contract award will likely be brought to the Board during a meeting in late June or early July.  We'll extend the due date on this request accordingly and will release documents once they are available.  Thank you.

May 29, 2019, 12:56pm by Eugene Park (Staff)
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Thank you for your request. It has been assigned to the appropriate staff person(s) who will work on responding to your request.  You will receive a response and/or the documents the requested by the due date listed with your request.  The initial due date is typically set approximately 10 calendar days from your request, but may be extended depending on the nature of your request.


Note: You will receive email notifications if the Port sends you messages about this request, releases documents, changes the due date, or closes this request.  Please feel free to send the Port messages through this website (after logging in) with questions, clarifications, or follow up requests.

May 29, 2019, 12:46pm by Eugene Park (Staff)
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May 29, 2019, 12:45pm
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May 29, 2019, 12:45pm
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May 29, 2019, 12:11pm