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David Wooley I wish to obtain a copy of the 2016 Burns & McDonnel report to Port of Oakland regarding elec... Engineering Eugene Park
Ajay Maini I wanted to get access to the proposals and the scoring reports that were submitted the last time... Aviation Eugene Park
No name available Dear Port of Oakland Records Custodian, This is a Public Records Act request. Please provide me... Aviation Eugene Park
No name available Dear Port of Oakland Records Custodian, Please provide me with all responsive records to request... Maritime Eugene Park
David Wooley Please provide a copy of the contracts or other materials that describe the scope of the feasibil... Environmental Eugene Park
Diane White Per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), will the Port of Oakland please provide both the Emerg... Eugene Park
Thanh Hello, I am writing to request TNC data. Specifically, I am interested in the total number of tri... Aviation Eugene Park
Brandon Bates Oakland International Airport currently has a concessions contract in place with Clear Channel ... Aviation Eugene Park
Grace Chan any permits, inspections, documents related to property at 8400 Edgewater Drive (APN 42-4425-24).... Eugene Park
Connor Greth I am seeking contract award information for the following two contracts: On-Call Materials Tes... Engineering Eugene Park
Don Coyle I would like to request records of any current: Multifunction Device (MFD) contracts and the l... Purchasing; Information Technology Eugene Park
Vincent Dabbay Please provide any videos/photos for the intersection of Middle Harbor Road and 7th Street, in Oa... Maritime Eugene Park
Wei-Ling Huber Please provide living wage reports from the 4th quarters 2018 and the 1st quarter of 2019 for Ryl... Social Responsibility Division Eugene Park
Amit Salwan Please provide digital copies of emails between the Port employees and the Contractor for Wharf 5... Engineering Eugene Park
Sarah Request for permits for APNs 42-4404-3 1952-1989 and 42-4404-11-2 (just the building at 7200 Earh... Engineering Eugene Park
Mike Jacob Any report prepared by the Port or an economic consultant to the Port which evaluated potential m... Maritime Eugene Park
Allison Chew Please provide the Port's contract with the incumbent for RFP 18-19/ 20 for Airport Security Guar... Purchasing Eugene Park
Kristi Upton Under the California Public Records Act, we formally request that your office provide us with pub... Finance Eugene Park
Anuj Hello,  Is there a website for TNC pickup and drop off data from Oakland airport? If not, are you... Aviation Eugene Park
Christine Russo I would like to request all winning proposals for the Port of Oakland Aviation Environmental Plan... Purchasing Eugene Park
Allison Chew I represent a security company pursuing an opportunity at the Port of Oakland and I would like to... Purchasing Eugene Park
Karina Silva I am writing on behalf of our client, Bertram Windsor, who has retained us to represent him in a ... Maritime Eugene Park
No name available This is a California Public Records Acts request.  Please provide: Temporary Rental Agreement b... Social Responsibility Division Eugene Park
Amit Salwan This is a request to provide public records related to construction of Oakland Army Base Project.... Engineering Eugene Park
Kirsten Donovan Mr. Park:   I am writing to request copies of the public records specified below pursuant to Ca... Maritime Eugene Park
Brad Dickason Any documents related to the Port's (Oakland Airport's) business with Norwegian Airlines/Norwegia... Aviation Eugene Park
Dan Beever Good Afternoon,  I would like to request two maps.  The information I have describing the maps i... Engineering Eugene Park
Gene Hazzard Please provide me a copy of any agreement/and or memorandum of understanding with the United Stat... Legal Eugene Park
Vanessa Bonn Hello, I'd like to request the advertising monthly concession reports for the months of July-Dec... Aviation Eugene Park
Vanessa Bonn Hello, I'd like to request the advertising monthly concession reports for the months of July-Dec... Aviation Eugene Park
Allison Chew To whom it may concern,  I would like to make a formal public records request on behalf of Serve... Maritime Eugene Park
Katherine Long Kindly transmit to me all leases between SSA Marine (aka SSA Container, SSA Terminals, SSA Pacifi... Maritime Eugene Park
Bryan Cho I am seeking Off-Airport Parking Revenues from May 2018 to the most recent available month. To be... Aviation Eugene Park
Matt I am requesting copies of all invoices and payments made to Silman Construction related to the Co... Engineering Eugene Park
Christopher Lanphear Deltek is submitting a public records request. Can you please provide contract award and bid tabu... Purchasing Eugene Park
Jason Schaff 1. All documents that refer or relate to the railroad crossing at Clay Street and Embarcadero Wes... Commercial Real Estate; Engineering Eugene Park
Sukarn Claire Hello, Inquiry below is for the Port of Oakland Finance Division. Pertaining to the OAK airport... Aviation; Finance Eugene Park
Christopher Ortiz Requesting video footage for 1-31-2019 between 1500-1700 PT around 108 switch lead in West yard a... Maritime Eugene Park
Emily O'Donohoe Under the California Public Records Act § 6250 et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect... Commercial Real Estate Eugene Park
Mark Young SmartProcure is submitting a public records request to the Port of Oakland for any and all purcha... Purchasing Eugene Park
Eric Freeman Port of Oakland Archives: photographs from 1932-1934 of the Vance Flying Wing I am looking for p... Aviation; Environmental Eugene Park
Zena Donovan • Schedule of Investment Portfolio by Asset Class and Manager- also known as Investment Portfolio... Human Resources Eugene Park
Eddie Geyer Pursuant to the California Public Records Act, this request seeks copies of the following documen... Risk Management Eugene Park
Michael Villeggiante Copies of all leases and other agreements governing or otherwise pertaining to the ownership, pos... Maritime Eugene Park
Enrique Bedolla All of the Certified Payroll Records for Project No. X2015-09-M2, Maintenance Dredging and Furnis... Social Responsibility Division Eugene Park
Christopher Ortiz I am requesting video surveillance of the Maritime St./Middle Harbor Rd crossing on 1-4-2019 arou... Maritime Eugene Park
Mike Katz-Lacabe Purchase documents, technical specifications and documentation for two aircraft rescue firefighti... Aviation Eugene Park
George W Harig I would like to request video footage of a traffic accident I was involved in at  the Oakland Air... Aviation Eugene Park
Doug Kroll My name is Douglas Kroll and I work for Koning and Associates in San Jose, California.  We are an... Maritime Eugene Park
Eddie Geyer Any documents that identify the insurance coverage, insurance carriers or policies of insurance, ... Risk Management Eugene Park
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