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Beth Noah I am interested in obtaining a copy of the administrative rules or by-laws of the Port Commission... Secretary of the Board; Legal Eugene Park
Scott Walker Please provide electronic copies of engineering documents relating to: construction of the How... Maritime; Environmental Eugene Park
Tamara Thompson The relevant records requested pertain to a property site, as follows:   101 Clay at the inters... Commercial Real Estate Eugene Park
Cornelia Dude On September 1, 2016, at the Oakland Airport, Terminal 1, at approximately 4 PM, I was subjected ... Aviation Eugene Park
Darwin Bond-Graham Dear Port of Oakland Records Custodian, This is a California Public Records Act request. The Po... Maritime; Social Responsibility Division; Media / Communications Eugene Park
Sean Ahern Requesting Records Re:   Maintenance Dredging and Furnishing Pile Driver Crew for Repairs to Do... Engineering Eugene Park
Ty Hudson Please provide an electronic copy of the hotel development feasibility study commissioned by the ... Aviation Eugene Park
Tiffany Yu To whom this may concern, I am contacting on behalf of Scheidt & Bachmann. We recently won a... Purchasing Eugene Park
Ben Simonsen Our insured Nevcal Trucking's driver Jose Perales-Alarcon was involved in an accident on June 9, ... Maritime Eugene Park
Ty Hudson Please provide a copy of the lease by and between the Port and JLSV F-3 LLC, dated October 25, 20... Commercial Real Estate Eugene Park
Ty Hudson Please provide electronic copies of the Expression of Interest forms submitted in response to the... Aviation Eugene Park
Paul Drury I would like to obtain a copy of the proposals submitted for Multi-User Flight Information Displa... Purchasing Eugene Park
mark bieber A male Southwest passenger who was acting in the course and scope of employment exited flight # 3... Aviation Eugene Park
Alec Puig To whom it may concern, I would like a digital copy (if not possible, a hard copy would suffice)... Maritime Eugene Park
Gene Hazzard Please provide me with a copy of the CD of the Port Commissioners meeting of July 14, 2016 Secretary of the Board Eugene Park
Monica North I would like to obtain a copy of the proposals submitted for Multi-User Flight Information Displa... Purchasing Eugene Park
Jacqueline Sessa Can you please provide contract award information for the following solicitation and also provide... Purchasing Eugene Park
Diana Rabeh [request originally received June 3, 2016]   Pursuant to the California Public Records Act, Cal... Aviation Eugene Park
Caroline Murray  To Whom it may concern,   In an effort to prepare for an upcoming opportunity the Oakland Inte... Aviation Eugene Park
Leslie Bemel, Field Investigator Request for video records concerning a possible injury occurring in the Southwest downstairs bagg... Aviation Eugene Park
Elizabeth Starks 66 year old white female reported she was knocked down at the baggage claim area on 6/30/16 at so... Aviation Eugene Park
Neil Braccini I would like to obtain a copy of the winning proposal for Multi-User Flight Information Display S... Purchasing Eugene Park
Jon Trossbach I am requesting a copy of Port of Oakland's Employee Compensation Report for the 2015 year under ... Human Resources Eugene Park
Vanessa Bonn Hello, I would like to request the Clear Channel monthly concession reports for January - June 2... Aviation Eugene Park
Teague Paterson, Esq. Please provide the following documents in electronic, preferably PDF, format to my email address ... Aviation Eugene Park
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