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John Ackman Hello,    Could you please send a copy of and records and correspondence in which Orcem America... Engineering Eugene Park
Brandon Kirk Williams Looking for all communications, documents, memoranda, reports, or press stories contained for Ind... Environmental Eugene Park
Mike I'm looking for Nutrx India record from January 1 2017 to present.  Audit Services Eugene Park
Ryan Hughes Please send a complete and unedited copy of the SSI Program Identification Guide titled “Airport ... Aviation Eugene Park
Ryan Hughes Please send all records, including but not limited to emails, writings, voicemail messages, cal... Aviation Eugene Park
Ryan Hughes Please send all current memoranda of understanding between Port of Oakland and any federal agency... Aviation Eugene Park
John Alexander Good afternoon,   This email shall serve as an open records request.  On behalf of my client, G... Engineering Eugene Park
No name available I request a complete and unedited copy of all record request appeals received by Port of Oaklan... Legal Eugene Park
No name available IMMEDIATE DISCLOSURE REQUEST I request a complete copy of all Port guides, regulations, procedur... Legal Eugene Park
Allen Reyno I'm missing a 13" Dell laptop with a black and grey case that I left on Terminal 2 of Southwest A... Aviation Eugene Park
No name available Port of Oakland: RFP No. 17-18/19 (Federal Government Advocacy Services)   This is a request un... Purchasing Eugene Park
Rikus Linschoten Relating to the construction of a lighting system at the Ninth Avenue Terminal pursuant to a cont... Risk Management Eugene Park
Rikus Linschoten Relating to the drydocking and repairs to fireboat “City of Oakland”, Resolution No. 16845, docum... Risk Management Eugene Park
Rikus Linschoten Relating to the installation, furnishing and laying of battleship linoleum at addition to Adminis... Risk Management Eugene Park
Rikus Linschoten Relating to the installation gas fired heating in buildings 739, 741 and 743 in the Oakland Airpo... Risk Management Eugene Park
Rikus Linschoten Relating to the cotton warehouse building No. C-226 circa 1959-1960 all documents that identify t... Risk Management Eugene Park
Rikus Linschoten Relating to the work done at Terminal II of the Oakland Airport circa 1984-1986, all documents th... Risk Management Eugene Park
Janine Teafatiller We are requesting documents for Coast Fire and Equipment. The DIR Project ID# for the 2 projects ... Engineering; Social Responsibility Division Eugene Park
Lacey Corona I would like to request the public solicitation/procurement documents related to the Oakland Boar... Maritime Eugene Park
Andrew Stables Current Lease or Use Agreement and any related exhibits/addenda items between the Port of Oakland... Commercial Real Estate Eugene Park
Carl Chapman I'm Private Investigator (PI License # 188229) working on behalf of Hagerty Auto Insurance.  I a... Maritime Eugene Park
Robert Fulton Request to see the serveilance video of the Southwest Airlines Baggage Check In counter on Februa... Aviation Eugene Park
STEPHEN D SMITH Requesting all audio/video and related records for the date range March 2-2018 1700Hrs to March 3... Aviation Eugene Park
Loren J. Bialik, President Under the Public Records Act we request access and copies of the following:   Unclaimed or ou... Finance Eugene Park
Yasin Pursuant to the State of California Open Records Act, Cal. Gov’t Code § 6250 to 6277, I am writin... Aviation Eugene Park
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